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Our History

Spirit of the Rainbow was founded in 2000, growing out of the work of a group of LGBT+ people in Brighton. Faced with hostility from many conventional religions, they were seeking to find their own way to integrate sexuality and spirituality.

Drawing on the experiences of its co-Founder, who had awakened to a sense of Oneness, its horizons soon expanded.

The Spirit brings together sexuality and spirituality
Is the Spirit
That brings together all parts of being into healing wholeness
Is the Spirit
That brings together all the peoples of the planet united in humanity
Is the Spirit
That brings an awareness of ourselves as part of nature
Is the Spirit
That brings us to experience the oneness

This is the Spirit of the Rainbow

What we do

Spirit of the Rainbow has three wings:

A publishing wing - spreading ideas
An activist wing - organising meetings and events
A project wing - supporting individuals, groups and organisations that put into action our aims and values

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