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Testament by Simenon Honoré

This is a deeply personal work, the last in this series. We are given insights into the hidden spirituality in human history in a series of essays:

  • The Spirituality That Dares to Have No Name
  • Journey to the Promised Land
  • In Search of the Ark of the Covenant
  • England: A Sacred Story
  • The Secrets of Lewes Bonfire
  • Honour
  • Welcome to the Quirkieverse

This book invites us to reach beyond the neat boxes of conventional thinking to profound truths: multifaceted, mysterious, magical. With intellectual clarity and intuitive vision, the author takes us on a voyage of exploration based on his first-hand spiritual experiences. The quest for a better world winds its way through all the different stories, and finally we are encouraged in our own search:

“Not all adventures are in storybooks, not all heroes and heroines are legendary. This quest is the greatest adventure of them all, needing at times true heroism and it is no childhood fantasy. It is the creation of Heaven on Earth. And the journey begins now…”

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